Namaste 2014!


It’s been a little while since my last blog. The honest truth is it all got a little bit much for me – end of semester assignments, moving house (twice), shifting and changing relationships, to keep up with blogging as well. The end of 2013 was indeed tumultuous! After all that I got on a plane and traveled to India for two months over Christmas/NY.

I thought I was at least somewhat prepared for what Bharat Mataji had in store for me, having consulted multiple friends and teachers. The reality was I really don’t think there’s anything that can truly prepare you for a land of such extremes, the full spectrum of life out there on the street for you to see (and smell, taste, feel) in each moment. It was an amazing experience to say the very least. I’m sure that I’ll be integrating all the colours of that journey for some time to come.2013-11-24-629

In the mean time, I’m back in Brissy and have begun to re-establish some yoga classes. Keep an eye on the classes page for gradual additions if you’re keen to join me on the mat – see you there soon! 🙂

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