A Yoga With Jess music playlist – FREE for you to enjoy!

One of my favourite things about creating a yoga space is putting together music playlists. I love to share the kind of music that inspires me to move and my playlists now more than ever have moved away from the usual ‘chant gurus’ to include much more electronica and world beats.

Music has always set the mood for my own yoga practice, but lately its taken a more central role. After attending a few different styles of dance class during the last few years, I’ve started to allow music, especially music that has an emotive and inspiring quality, to lead the movement. Some days my practice looks more like a freeform lounge room (you know, the kind when no one can see so you can really go for it!) dance than a yoga practice. Other days the yoga is more traditional, yet the music influences how I transition and the type of postures I move into.

Today I want to share one of my playlists with you. While I created it for yoga, I’m sure it would be equally great for studying, house cleaning, lounge room dancing, driving etc. You’ll need a free Spotify player to access it.


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