Modest yoga – a steady friend

I know that I have tended to share a lot of journalistic and academic type content lately. And I realise this type of thing often provides (what I see as) essential, but perhaps not easy to read, critiques of yoga. To be honest, these perspectives have fundamentally changed my relationship with yoga, how I practice it, and how I’ve facilitated it in recent years.

Underlying all those important, but quite mental processes, remains a steady and gentle yoga practice. This practice has seen me through some of the hardest, and some of the best, times. Sure, some of my previous approaches, like attempting all those ‘party poses’, has shifted – these days I prefer to direct my desire to feel new stuff in my body to my dance practice – but yoga is still there, ever present.

I haven’t tended to share many personal details about my practice of late, but during this odd time of on-again-off-again social restrictions, it seems like any opportunity to relate to others more personally is welcome.

So, this week I’m undertaking the most challenging treatment protocol for my IBS that I’ve ever attempted, and I won’t lie, it’s difficult on a whole variety of levels. My energy levels have been pretty unpredictable, and I haven’t felt like I can ask a lot of my body. But gentle yoga has been an excellent way to keep my body moving, to keep my joints mobile, to take a few moments away from the unceasing desk work, and perhaps most importantly to help me stay connected to why I’m even doing this hard thing (for you, dear body, for you!).

Aside from declaring ‘yes, I still do yoga’ (people do ask me this pretty frequently!), I guess I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate gentle, modest, not particularly photographable, not selling you anything, style yoga. The kind that doesn’t have a specific aim, that doesn’t want anything of you. It’s just there, it’s got your back, it accepts you in any state or mood, like a steady friend.

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