Modest yoga – a steady friend

I know that I have tended to share a lot of journalistic and academic type content lately. And I realise this type of thing often provides (what I see as) essential, but perhaps not easy to read, critiques of yoga. To be honest, these perspectives have fundamentally changed my relationship with yoga, how I practice … Continue reading Modest yoga – a steady friend

Another Yoga With Jess playlist for YOU!

Here we are, the business end of the uni semester, and the final weeks of my degree. There isn't a lot of time for writing things that aren't being assessed, but apparently I found time to feed my obsession with making yoga music playlists! So please enjoy these great new tunes for your practice, for … Continue reading Another Yoga With Jess playlist for YOU!

Yoga Representation, Body Image and Gender

If you’ve picked up a Yoga Journal mag lately you may have noticed (although perhaps not consciously) that the covers are all starting to resemble the standard fashion magazine format. The cover models featured are female, white, and thin. These women, with seamless makeup and wearing tight clothing, are photographed from provocative and flattering angles. … Continue reading Yoga Representation, Body Image and Gender